How to deploy MS Access Client/Server Application?

In a client/server application you need the following:

1. Front-end Application

2. Database (RDBMS)

3. Data Connector between your front-end application and your database, e.g., ODBC.

For this blog, we will use an MS Access front-end application and a MySQL database.

First of all you have to develop the application using MS Access and migrate all your tables to the MySQL Database installed in the server.

The next step is to download the client prerequisite files:

1. MS Access Runtime

2. MySQL ODBC Driver

Install the MS Access Runtime.

Install the MySQL ODBC Driver.

Configure your ODBC Driver base to the link table properties of your MS Access Application.

Make a directory in one of your local drive, e.g., C:\Accounting

In that directory make a batch file, e.g., C:\Accounting\MyProgram.bat.  You must have a UNC share in your server that contains your application/program.

You can now make a short-cut of the newly created batch file in your desktop.

In order for MS Access Runtime to run without security errors you must set the trusted location to your created directory C:\Accounting using Regedit.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Access\Security\Trusted Locations\Location2

If done properly your application will run just by clicking the short-cut icon you created in the desktop.


2 thoughts on “How to deploy MS Access Client/Server Application?

    1. Yes far better and simpler to implement. You can even combine two version of Microsoft Access, just make sure that you set the default to your application version. To set to the default version just run the Microsoft Access of your application version program once. And by the way you use Microsoft Access run time.

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