Microsoft Lightswitch Detail-System-Footer Design

Its amazing how easy it is to layout a screen for a web application using Microsoft Ligthswitch.  The above picture shows that all you need are three layout container to have a detail-system-footer design in your screen.  This is not just a silly example screen, this screen is used by one of my client to encode a Journal Voucher or an account adjustment to a Financial Management Information System.

Before I will go into the nuts and bolts of the detail-system-footer design, let me first explain the concept by showing you a sample Microsoft Access form design that uses the same concept.

The above picture is a rich Microsoft Access detail-system-footer designed form.  Most of my Microsoft Access application, actually all of them, uses the detail-system-footer design,  it is a proven design that can be use in tandem with the List-Detail UI data entry.  The concept of the design is pretty simple:  The detail displays the data, the system provides activity controls towards the displayed data, and lastly the footer informs the user about the status of the system.



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