ERP using Microsoft Lightswitch.

For the past two months I’ve been developing a full ERP featured system using Microsoft Lightswitch for a financing company, and this is of course aside from my daily ERP implementation and software development routine.  So far I find it intuitive and easy to develop considering that it is fully deployed using IIS 7.  Below is the screen shot of the system running on Firefox, more or less it looks like our MS Access application as time goes by.

I haven’t maximize yet the reportorial capability of Entity Framework via RIA Service and yet I can make a complicated SUM UP report like Income Statement on a breeze.  See screen shot below.

If Microsoft keeps creating tools to leverage us, system developers and process engineers sooner or later the cloud will be crowded.


20 thoughts on “ERP using Microsoft Lightswitch.

  1. Harold, Good to know that you have developed application like ERP using LightSwitch. I am also planning re-develop mid size ERP application having modules like Finance Accounts, Sales & Distibution, Inventory, Payroll etc. (about 100 Screens or so).

    What reporting platform you are using? DevExpress?

    1. Yes vishwas, I am using devexpress, so far i don’t have major problems. Just finish the two financial reports, balance sheet and income statement which has so many groupbys and summation.

  2. Hey!can you provide source code for this ERP?It will be great help for me as i am currently working on same project…….

    1. ERP system comprise of several procedures from operation to finance. The operation may change on the type of business of the client and in effect change the chart of accounts of the financial. So it is very broad. But I can give you source codes on specific problem in your ERP project. Just email me your problem.

    1. I only have inventory yet, our warehousing is still running on ms access. Give me a week to modify the application, I will make it simplier and at the same time convert the views to RIA service so that you can run without using any RDBMS.

  3. hey it would be great help if you provide me entire design in the form of source code of your this erp on my email address…Thnx………

  4. Hey,I havent’t got mail yet from u…….It would be great help if u send email as earliest as possible…………………

    1. Sure, I am finalizing all the components of the ERP in one system using Visual Studio 2012. For the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, you need at least 2 master tables, account and account category, e.g., Asset, Liability, etc. Then a transaction table, e.g., Journal, that holds the repository of the journal entries thrown by the operation transaction, e.g., Sales Invoice, Collection, Disbursement, etc.. In summary there is a multiple code modules just to get the two reports into place.

      1. I’m interested in balance sheet and income statement..can you please send me the tables design for the journal and related information(accounts ,accounts group etc.. ) and how you make the final balance sheet and other financial reports (p&L,Cashflow..)

        Thank you again

  5. Hi Please can you help me with balance sheet and income statement..can you please send me the tables design for the journal and related information(accounts ,accounts group) and how you make the final balance sheet and other financial reports (p&L,Cash flow, income statement and trial balance..)
    Thanks alot

    1. Sorry for the delayed response, been so busy lately. Normally I have three tables for the chart of account: account category (asset/liability/equity/income/expense), account type (cash, AR, AP, etc.) and account (which is your chart of account)

  6. Hello,
    I just wanted to make an erp project, just as a learning exercise, for a small enterprise, at my home.
    can you suggest me appropriate technology to start with(preferably microsoft)?
    Thank you!

    1. Lightswitch might be very good way to start. Learn first the Model and Controller side of a web application. Once you know how these works, you can then transfer to ASP.NET to convert your Lightswitch silverlight views to HTML5 so that you can go mobile.

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