How to filter an Auto Complete Box field using other field, both fields resides in the same Data Grid, in Microsoft Lightswitch?

If you are going to develop a functional ERP system, filtering of data within the screen is essential specialy if that system has a large volume of data.  To filter the data in an Auto Complete Box (a native combo box of Microsoft Lightswitch) inside a datagrid using other fields which resides on the same datagrid just follow the steps below:

1. Make a new query just for the Auto Complete Box and make sure that it has a parameter value that is use to filter the result.  Below is an example of such query:

2. Tie up the query to the Auto Complete Box.

3. Now filter the query using one of the fields in the DataGrid.

That’s it.  In the screen below I filtered the Subsidiary Auto Complete Box using the value in the Account Auto Complete Box, both fields resides in my Journal Voucher Lines DataGrid. 


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6 comments on “How to filter an Auto Complete Box field using other field, both fields resides in the same Data Grid, in Microsoft Lightswitch?
  1. LightBoom says:


    I found this article very usefull. What control did you used to show the combobox? I tried cloumn layout but the result is not the same as your.

    Thank you

  2. smahar says:

    Hello –
    Your article was really helpful! I had a question about binding the data. Can you bind it with multiple fields – rows – of the same column? Or is using loops the only option we have?


  3. Bill says:

    Thank you for posting; it solved my issue!

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