F&B Commissary Logistic Nightmares

I used to think that a commissary system is a production-focus system, I was dead wrong, it is actually a logistic nightmare.    Let say you have 20 branches, 20 fast food branches to be specific, how can you make sure that the items that was delivered in those branches are processed by the branch and sold to the customer.  Remember that when you deliver the items, those were just the components of the actual sold item.

I call this phenomenon in logistic as “lost in conversion”.  The items that were delivered were now lost due to conversion via assembly.  Now, how to manage this beast, we need to reconcile, meaning, to breakdown the sold items and reconcile it’s components to the delivered items.  There you go! do this for one month of sales for 20 branches with limited manpower and infrastructure.  You need to have a system to track down these items.

Aside from making the reports, the system can drill down towards the source documents, e.g., Transfer and Invoices.  This will guarantee a much lesser “lost in conversion” effect of the items in the branches.  But constant drill down because of erroneous encoding will result to inefficiency, thus there is a need also to eliminate double encoding of source documents.  This is where a good POS comes in.


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