How to install and use the DevExpress XtraReports in Microsoft Ligthswitch?

To use the DevExpress XtraReports in your Microsoft Ligthswitch project you need to follow five steps, these are:

  1. Download the DevExpress XtraReports trial version.
  2. Install the package
  3. Enable the extension
  4. Make a WCF RIA Service connection
  5. Localized the Assemblies

Download the DevExpress XtraReports trial version in the DevExpress website.  Once done just install immediately the package.

The next step is to enable the extension in your project.  Open your project and go to project properties.

Once the extension is enabled you can now make a WCF RIA Connection.

One of the most important thing to do before you can use your XtraReport is to localize the assemblies.  Just switch to File View of your project.

Make sure to click the Show All Files.  Go to ServerGenerated->References.

Select all the DevExpress assemblies and change the CopyLocal property to true.

Thats it.  Have fun.


Software developer living in the Philippines.

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14 comments on “How to install and use the DevExpress XtraReports in Microsoft Ligthswitch?
  1. Jerico Canete says:

    Glenn unsay purpose ani? wala diay reporting tool and Lightswitch?

  2. hgminerva says:

    Yes, there is no internal reporting tool for all .NET developing tools. But since you are using EF, it can be consume by all external tools available.

  3. ronnie valero says:

    Why LS team did not create a native report writer for LS? it’s quite illogical creating a data centric dev’t. tools without a report writer? just your 2 cents here.

    LightSwitch is cool, but its not an Access replacement. MSTF will have to do a lot of convincing if that is the case… tnx

  4. ronnie valero says:

    Glenn what version of LS are you using now 2011? how about LS 2012 did you try it? whats the experienced compared to previous?

  5. ronnie valero says:

    I’ve downloaded a demo on LS by DevExpress conducted by an Italian guy Allesandro Del Sole -MSTF MVP. On the question and answer portion we was ask if what are the limitations of LS? then he answered blah..blah..blah and then at the end (somewhere in 48min) this Guy said politely “If you don’t compare LS to MS Access you will be happy”. What a joke! What he mean by that? your 3 cents here bai Glenn

    • hgminerva says:

      As access developer we need to compare functionally, as far as I know, Allesandro is a VB guy, so most likely he is incline technically, while as an access developer we tend to be inclined functionally, totally different level of comparison, if you compare access technically with lightswitch/ they are totally different and cannot be compared apple per apple such that both software were developed by microsoft. Now if we compare both functionally in the field of LOB, totally the same, but access prevails in terms of cost and time of development and level of customization for both forms and reports but lightswitch also prevails on integration and networking computing environment. Integration is due to that fact that it uses the .Net framework and these includes tons of non-microsoft objects, access only uses microsoft objects native to windows. Integration is a key to closing big contracts, so far we’ve integrated access with SAP and it was lame in integrating with Oracle views while .Net was simple amazing. There are so many discussion on whether LOB will shift from Client/Server to Network Computing in my personal opinion LOB can be in both but only ligthswitch can create an application in either architecture without rewriting a single code. As an access developer microsoft is telling us to include lightswitch in our arsenal to make as us complete it is not intended to replace but to add.

  6. ronnie valero says:

    Wow ive installed and tried LS, I attached my sql r2 express db via LAN then publish it as a desktop client, the same db opens in Access 2010 runtime in just a seconds while LS app is loading for almost 20 secs.Maybe I missed something here. Any tips bai Glenn, my test machine is dual core 2.6 with 2GB RAM and running WIN 7.

    • hgminerva says:

      Ron, LS is slow in loading compared to MS ACCESS or any native windows application because it uses Silverlight controls/objects. MS ACCESS is faster because it uses pre-loaded windows controls/objects. My suggestion, do not use LS for desktop application use MS ACCESS but for web as of the moment you have no choice but to use LS unless you can convince your client on RDP.

  7. ronnie valero says:

    Tnx Glenn, In fact my clients were amazed of the Windows TS implementation. They don’t even know that such technology exist. Even symbian, android devices are consuming RDP smoothly. Maybe its time to start incorporating/ designing MS ACCESS Apps UI for touch enabled devices.

    • hgminerva says:

      The new version of Access already has a UI Web App for mobile. The catch is that those apps must run on Sharepoint and there is still a heated argument as to the database back end, because the back end right now is unchangeable via SharePoint. Configuring Sharepoint right now is such a heavy activity.

  8. ronnie valero says:

    Yes Glenn, even though configuration is step I’m still hoping for low cost sharepoint express with access services possibility in the future.

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