My first attempt to sell cloud software. is my first attempt to sell cloud computing software.  Wish me luck! 🙂 The software is design for real-estate brokers and developers.  The objective of the software are as follows:

To assist the Broker in selling real-estate property units from Reservation until Loan Approval / Take-out.

To assist the Developer in managing the Units and monitoring the Broker’s Commission.

Selling a real-estate unit would change forever, I hope, at least in Cebu where I live.

Buyer information as well procedure in selling a unit are comprehensive and concise based on years of experience as a system developer for a large real-estate developer company.

I am so happy that one developer in Cebu is in the process of adapting to the technology.


Software developer living in the Philippines.

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Harold Glenn P. Minerva
Software Developer / Tech Enthusiast
Living in the Philippines

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