How to get the URL query string of your Microsoft Ligthswitch application?

Sometimes you want external websites to modify your application internally and the obvious solution is through your URL query string.  To extract the URL query string you need only to put a code at the Application_Initialize method.

Below is my example.  I modified my URL link to include a query string called “Parameter” and equate to a value “Main”.

First is to open your Application Class and add the two imports:

Imports Microsoft.LightSwitch.Threading
Imports Microsoft.LightSwitch.ApplicationInfrastructure.Utilities.Internal

Then modify the Application_Initialize method:

        Public Branch As String

        Private Sub Application_Initialize()
                                        Dim DefaultBranch As String = Nothing
                                        QueryStringHelper.TryGetValue("Parameter", DefaultBranch)
                                        If DefaultBranch IsNot Nothing Then
                                            Branch = DefaultBranch
                                        End If
                                    End Sub)
        End Sub

The source code above includes a public Branch property to which you save your query string result so that you can use it throughout your application via Application class.  Notice that you only need a simple QueryStringHelper function to extract the external URL query strings called “Parameter”.  Very simple.

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