KaiserEstates.Com is now using the Filbroker system

A leading real-estate developer here in Cebu City Philippines, Kaiser Estates (http://www.kaiserestates.com) is the first one to use the Filbroker system.  With over 20 projects and approximate 1,000 units of townhouses for sale is now currently on system implementation stage.

The system will streamline the developer’s processes from reservation, equity payment and loan approval if the buyer needs a financing.  It will also provide seamless controls on documentation and request for commission made by the brokers.

Aside from the units, the developer also has over 200 brokers and agent affiliated for selling.  Soon, these brokers and agent can request their commission from Kaiser Estates view inventory of units and manage their buyer via Filbroker.

For more about Filbroker, visit: http://www.filbroker.com

And if you happen to be looking for a Townhouse in Cebu, Philippines, you can visit Kaiser Estates: http://www.kaiserestates.com

Filbroker is created using the latest cloud technology available in the market and is design for a real-estate developers and sellers SaaS.


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