The new Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

Just recently installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 which includes Microsoft Lightswitch 2012, as usual in the new Microsoft products everything is metrotized with shouting capitalized menu.  The previous version’s arrangement of menus, tool bars and windows are but retained except for the icons.  Since I am only interested in Microsoft Lighswitch so I started opening old project, but to my demise it can’t be open, luckily I did not remove my old Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

So now I have two Visual Studio in my station as seen above plus my LINQ helper and Access, still waiting for the Access 2013 though.

I’ve noticed also that the default screen shell for our Microsoft Lightswitch 2012 project  is the Cosmopolitan shell.  This changes my design method because I use a lot of List-Detail method for data entry and the shell’s Save/Refresh button at the bottom concept destroys my List view.  I haven’t found the source code yet for the Cosmopolitan shell but I’ve heard Microsoft is giving it for free for us to modify.

I love the concept of Content-over-Chrome as seen above, the content are are in color blue while the chromes are in gray-scale it kinda focus our eyes to what is important.  This is something new to me and I will be putting this concept to work for my future projects.


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