How to merge Oracle with Microsoft SQL using WCF RIA Service?

One of my clients requires me to synchronize their Oracle database to the MS SQL database that is used by the Microsoft Ligthswitch application.  Since the record for synchronization is more than 10,000 I have no choice but to merge the two database using WCF RIA Service.

Notice below that we have two datasources, oracle and pos_seaolympusData, these datasources are provided by two different RDBMS, one is Oracle and the other one is MS SQL.

I will not go into details anymore on the creation of a WCF RIA Service project, I have that documented in another post, but I will emphasize on modifying the Domain Service to accommodate two context.  But before you could modify the Domain Service class you need to attach the datasource used by your Microsoft Lightswitch project.

Once you’re done attaching the two datasource models from your Microsoft Ligthswitch project, It’s time to modify the Domain Service class and here are the steps:

Take note the every code written from 2-3 is inside the Domain Service class, please refer to my previous post.

1. Add a POCO Class

Public Class mstNewItemFromOracle
    Public Property ItemCode As String
    Public Property ItemDescription As String
    Public Property Unit As String
End Class

2. Add a new context

What is important here is the builder provider, which is the only difference of the two context except for the name of data context.

    Private _context As pos_seaolympusData.Implementation.pos_seaolympusDataObjectContext
    Private _contextOracle As oracle.Implementation.oracleObjectContext

    Public ReadOnly Property Context As pos_seaolympusData.Implementation.pos_seaolympusDataObjectContext
            If _context Is Nothing Then
                Dim builder = New EntityConnectionStringBuilder
                builder.Metadata =
                builder.Provider = "System.Data.SqlClient"
                builder.ProviderConnectionString =

                _context =
                    New pos_seaolympusData.Implementation.pos_seaolympusDataObjectContext(
            End If
            Return _context
        End Get
    End Property

    Public ReadOnly Property ContextOracle As oracle.Implementation.oracleObjectContext
            If _contextOracle Is Nothing Then
                Dim builder = New EntityConnectionStringBuilder
                builder.Metadata =
                builder.Provider = "Oracle.DataAccess.Client"
                builder.ProviderConnectionString =

                _contextOracle =
                    New oracle.Implementation.oracleObjectContext(
            End If
            Return _contextOracle
        End Get
    End Property

3. Make a query

This is a standard default query which now uses the two tables situated on different context.

    Public Function GetmstNewItemFromOracleR001() As IQueryable(Of mstNewItemFromOracle)
        Return From s In Me.ContextOracle.INNOSOFT_ITEM_GROUPs
               Where Me.Context.mstItems.Where(Function(i) i.ItemCode = s.SEGMENT1).Count = 0
               Select New mstNewItemFromOracle With {
                        .ItemCode = s.SEGMENT1,
                        .ItemDescription = s.DESCRIPTION,
                        .Unit = s.PRIMARY_UOM_CODE
    End Function

4. Consume the query into your Microsoft Lightswitch project

Again, to consume the WCF RIA Service just refer to my previous post.

This is big stuff for us Microsoft Access developers, why, because Microsoft Ligthswitch now can mimic multiple database link and then query from those link as if they were situated in one database software.

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