How to directly edit a record in your Microsoft Lightswitch data source?

Whenever there is a requirement to edit records by batch in my Microsoft Lightswitch project I would normally make a grid, and from the grid the records get edited.  But you can edit the records directly using the DataWorkspace object, see the code below.

Dim dw = Me.Application.CreateDataWorkspace
Dim PostedSales = (From s In dw.MyData.Sales
                   Where s.SalesNumber >= Me.SalesNumberStart  AndAlso
                         s.SalesNumber <= Me.SalesNumberEnd).Execute
For Each PostedSalesItem In PostedSales
     PostedSalesItem.Posted = "Yes"

The above code extract a set of record in the Sales table based on a series of Sales Number encoded by the user, then loop through the extracted records and update the Posted property of the table to “Yes”.

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