Innosoft’s first Web-POS (Sales/Inventory) application using Microsoft Lightswitch is now accepted.

I am proud to share to everyone that the first Innosoft’s Web-POS application using Microsoft Lightswitch is now accepted by the client.  Acceptance for the application means that it now has the features needed in order for it to be used in production using live data, it is the final step of the entire development phase of SDLC.  The application doesn’t only have the ordinary POS functional features, like, sales and inventory, it also integrates to the client’s existing ERP, Oracle Financials through SO interface using RIA Services.

Below is the sample screen shot of the application.  Because of this application Microsoft Ligthswitch has proven to be a viable alternative to develop Line-of-business (LOB) applications in the Web.  I say this because inventory reports in this application are complicated reports that crosses to different transactions, e.g., sales, receiving, stock out, etc.


4 thoughts on “Innosoft’s first Web-POS (Sales/Inventory) application using Microsoft Lightswitch is now accepted.

  1. Congrats Glenn! How many users is using your LS web app? in your live deployment are the POS transactions running in WAN or LAN? I’m just curious about the performance if POs like in Malls is running in web app in a WAN environment. Just pardon me, because this is the first time i’ve seen OLTP systems Like POS running in a browser.

    1. The POS application runs on WAN. But this is a big company with their own VPN infrastructure, I really don’t know if it is good on standard DSL connection. Furthermore, this POS has only the retail module, most of our POS installed in malls contains both the retail and restaurant with touch screen support and multi-print facility thus it is hardware oriented software. If you have a web application on a hardware oriented requirement software you will definitely have nightmares.

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