How to upgrade your current DevExpress Xtrareport 1.11 to 1.12 version?

There is only one reason why you need to upgrade your DevExpress Xtrareort 1.11 to 1.12, the older version has bugs, for example, your print button is sometimes disabled even if the report is ready to print.

Before you upgrade you need to download the components at, then install it.

The first thing I did was to asked the DevExpress support on how to upgrade, the answer was just to open your project and it will upgrade itself.  Also, never use the project converter program included in the download package it is known to sometimes corrupt your project.

The suggestion did not work in my project.  Apparently Visual Studio did not upgrade automatically the reference right after installation, you need to do the following.

The first thing I did was to check the version of the DevExpress references.  You can do this by opening the Config.xml in the ClientGenerated directory.  (see the above image) .  Take note of the version= in the DevExpress extensions, even if you upgrade, some extension versions remains in 1.11.  This gives me a clue of why I have problems upgrading the references

At the property settings of your project in the Extensions tab you will find two DevExpress extension.  Unchecked it.  Close the project and restart the visual studio application.  Then open the project back.

Then open the extension tab of the property settings to check back the DevExpress extension.

The next step is to localized all the DevExpress extension in the ServerGenerated directory by setting the CopyLocal to true.

When you unchecked the DevExpress extension, Lightswitch will remove the controls associated to it.  Just open those screen where you used those controls and set it back, just like the image above, when I changed the Custom Control to ReportViewer.

Now compile your application, it should run without a problem.

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