Who is Steven Sinofsky?

So, who is Steven Sinofsky?

“In 1994, when the Office Product Unit was formed, Sinofsky joined the team as the director of program management, and led the design of the shared technologies in Microsoft Office 95 and Microsoft Office 97.” – wiki

The statement above clearly answers who is Steven Sinofsky and why he is important to me.  I’ve been using the technology he engineered for the last 18 years.  Now he leaves Microsoft for good.  He may not be directly involved in the development of the new Office Suite but certainly his vision were followed, I doubt that those vision remains as he leaves Microsoft.

The key question here is why did he leave Microsoft.  Most of the hush hush is because of politics for the next CEO of the company, I doubt it.  I believe it is his vision that leads him to the door.  My take is that in the years to come, the Office Product, including my beloved Access, might get a drastic makeover to the cloud without Sinofsky around.  If you know what I mean.


One thought on “Who is Steven Sinofsky?

  1. Good day Glenn, I can’t imagine if where MSTF now without Office? of course Office without our beloved Access will continue to be the de facto standard in the enterprise computing. Access was just a step child in the Office package, we knew for a fact that Access is a different animal. The only reason Access was regarded as a toy it’s because it was included in the Office package. If only Access was solely marketed as front end database development tool and was develop/extended to run in mac and linux, I don’t know…. Its not a question, for sure it will get more respect from the database developer community. Access 2013 webapp is too expensive for small businesses, I’m happy running my Access 2010 Apps in the cloud via RDP through VPN using GBridge. Best regards!

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