Innosoft’s Slaughterhouse/Production System


The Slaughterhouse/Production system of MMPC is Innosoft’s first fully integrated industrial information system, a system that includes machine and user entry.   The system covers processes from receiving of livestock to packaging fabricated meat products.  The process involves changing of material from one activity to another, for example, we received a live cattle at the livestock receiving activity then move to be slaughtered as cattle warm carcass then packaged as beef short ribs.  Since the client uses automated production line, the system is also capable of capturing line weights without human intervention.


The end result of the system is the packaging report sticker that is labeled to the boxed meat products as seen above.  By using the system, the client’s  production efficiency and data accuracy increases dramatically.   And aside from its own processes the system also is fully integrated to Innosoft’s FMIS via article based charging.



6 thoughts on “Innosoft’s Slaughterhouse/Production System

  1. Nice craft Glenn! the inherent power of Access is quite obvious. While other DB front end developers look down on Access (see it as a TOY), we Access die hard will just smile at them. To See Is to believe!

  2. Can you elaborate what is “article based charging” and the practical percentage charges equivalent? most of the time I struggle on software estimation, thanks Glenn

    1. In our design we separate the financial and operation/production system and to tie them both we need to have a single master database, that master database is called article. As the material flows in the production process, articles are then encoded to record charges per process, which will formed as revenue and sales.

  3. Hi Glenn its been quite sometime. By the way, to my understanding correct me if I’m wrong this Access app also captures data from a digital weighing scale. Can you share the particular model of the digital scale you’re interfacing with. Or other brand/model which provides good API esp for our beloved Access VBA. Thanks and looking forward for your prompt response.

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