How to filter many-to-many related data in Microsoft Lightswitch?

If you are having a problem in filtering a many-to-many related data in your Microsoft Lightswitch project, don’t worry I have a simple solution for you.  Here it goes.


Lets say you have a table structure like the one above and you want to filter off the Task (sysTask) of a chosen User (mstUser).  As you can see, a User can have many Tasks while a Task can have many Users, it is a Many-to-Many related table so to speak.  Many of the solutions to this problem in the Internet is of course through WCF RIA Service but I have a simpler way.

First.  Make a query in your SysTask table as shown in the image below.  Add a parameter only, in my example, the parameter is UserId, an Integer.


Second.  Write a code in the PreprocessQuery.


Below is the sample code. Basically it is a complex LINQ code the counts the user’s task record based on the user screen table (mstUserScreen) a shown in the database diagram.

        Private Sub SysTasksFiltered_PreprocessQuery(UserId As System.Nullable(Of Integer), ByRef query As System.Linq.IQueryable(Of LightSwitchApplication.sysTask))
            query = From q In query
                    Where q.sysScreen.mstUserScreens.Where(Function(u) u.mstUser.Id = UserId).Count() > 0
        End Sub

Thats it! To use the query, just add it as a Data Property to your screen and tie up the parameter to any controls that contains the equivalent data, in our example it’s UserId.

Below is my sample screen in action.


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