How to publish your Visual Studio 2013 project to GITHUB?

Three simple steps in publishing your Visual Studio 2013 project to GITHUB repository.

STEP 1: Create Repository

Create a GITHUB repository, in our example below, the name of our repository is UploadSymbols, which is also the name of our Visual Studio project.



Take note of the repository link after the it has been created, you need this during publishing.


STEP 2: Add Source Control:

Now that the repository is ready, it’s time to open your Visual Studio 2013 project, right click on your solution and choose “Add Solution to Source Control”


Choose Git, if prompted.


STEP 3: Sync

You can now sync your solution to your repository once it has already Git Source Control.  To sync, you need to open the Team Explorer view (View->Team Explorer).  All files in our project are in the “Included Changes” list because our repository doesn’t contain anything yet.


A “commit message” is needed before you could commit your changes to your repository.  Our commit message is “My first commit”, you can type in any message you want.


Now that the files are committed, you can now sync it, just press the “Sync” hyperlink.


Remember our repository link, cut and paste it in the URL box before pressing the Publish button.


After clicking the Publish button, it may ask for your GITHUB credentials, just make sure to click “Remember credentials” so that every time you sync you will not be prompted again.

Your repository will now have all files in your project after publishing.  Now  you are ready to share your project with other contributors and team members. 🙂


Happy coding! and if you find this blog helpful, you can make the donation by clicking the Paypal button below.


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