Angular 2! Why did you invent a beautiful slow and useless code? – for(var key in response.json())

this.http.get(url, this.options).subscribe(
    response => {
        for (var key in response.json()) {
            if (response.json().hasOwnProperty(key)) {
               // code here

Angular 2!  Why did you invent the code above?  Pretty to look at but very slow and useless!  Is it just because for the show! or is it, that we novice, didn’t know how to use it.  Regardless,  it is 1,000 x slower than a standard JQuery AJAX call.  Do not use it guys!  Instead follow the code below, which is an alternative code provided by my colleague.

this.http.get(url, this.options).subscribe(
    response => {
        var newResponse = new wijmo.collections.ObservableArray(response.json());
        for (var i = 0; i < newResponse.length; i++) {
               // code here

The above code transfers the response values to a new array, in the code, we used premium controls, e.g., wijmo, but you can use any array objects for your projects.  This code is so much faster than the first one, which most of the Internet Angular 2 examples on services is based upon.  Below is the sample complete code on real application.


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