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How to filter many-to-many related data in Microsoft Lightswitch?

If you are having a problem in filtering a many-to-many related data in your Microsoft Lightswitch project, don’t worry I have a simple solution for you.  Here it goes. Lets say you have a table structure like the one above

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How to set a default value on an unbound Auto Complete Box?

I receive tons of question on how to set a default value on an unbound Auto Complete Box, my initial response to this question is to bound it and equate the data binding to the  FirstOrDefault property of a LINQ

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My first attempt to create a multi-tenant Ligthswitch application.

First and foremost let me define what is multitenancy: Multitenancy refers to a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client organizations (tenants). – wiki Multitenancy is one basic attribute

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How to print the current user as Prepared By in your DevExpress report?

Most report requires a Prepared By notation at the Page Footer to signify who prepared the report.  Furthermore, the Prepared By notation requires the current user to be the default value.  To do this you need to follow the step

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How to create and consume a WCF RIA Service in Microsoft Lightswitch 2012?

There is actually no change in creating a WCF RIA Service in Lightswitch 2012, just follow the guide I did in Lightswitch 2011 (How to create a VB WCF RIA Services for Microsoft Lightswitch to aggregate or join tables at

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How to upgrade your current DevExpress Xtrareport 1.11 to 1.12 version?

There is only one reason why you need to upgrade your DevExpress Xtrareort 1.11 to 1.12, the older version has bugs, for example, your print button is sometimes disabled even if the report is ready to print. Before you upgrade

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How to import a CSV file using Microsoft Lightswitch?

In this example we will be using the dialog box similar to what we used in exporting a CSV File.  The first step is to add a handler to a button. To add a handler you need to modify the

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Innosoft’s first Web-POS (Sales/Inventory) application using Microsoft Lightswitch is now accepted.

I am proud to share to everyone that the first Innosoft’s Web-POS application using Microsoft Lightswitch is now accepted by the client.  Acceptance for the application means that it now has the features needed in order for it to be

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How to directly edit a record in your Microsoft Lightswitch data source?

Whenever there is a requirement to edit records by batch in my Microsoft Lightswitch project I would normally make a grid, and from the grid the records get edited.  But you can edit the records directly using the DataWorkspace object,

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How to merge Oracle with Microsoft SQL using WCF RIA Service?

One of my clients requires me to synchronize their Oracle database to the MS SQL database that is used by the Microsoft Ligthswitch application.  Since the record for synchronization is more than 10,000 I have no choice but to merge

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