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Indexing your MS SQL Database to improve performance

Hello again!  It’s been a long time since my last publication, but its better late than never.  My topic today is how to improve database performance to make your application efficient.  To be specific, we would be talking about database indexing. Normally

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How to solve #Delete records when linking BIGINT MS SQL Primary Key in MS Access?

In MS Access, you will definitely encounter a #Deleted record tags in your MS SQL linked table when the table contains BigInt primary key as shown in the image below: To solve the problem, you need to create a view

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POS for your Business

Navigating your business in today’s market is not just hard but expensive.  Aside from making sure that your business is profitable and sustainable through your product/services and customers, you have to pay taxes.  As Benjamin Franklin would put it “In

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How to highlight a record in a continuous form?

Below are the steps to highlight a record in a continuous form without writing a class. 1. Make a continuous form and fill it with transparent background controls.  Make sure that the source of the table has a unique identifier,

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How to export Access Reports to Excel less DoCmd.OutputTo object?

When the customer requires you to be absurdly perfect, specially in exporting reports to Excel, the DoCmd.OutputTo object becomes utterly useless, because it throws a lot of garbage columns in your exported Excel file.   It is also useless to export

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Uploading XLS file using VBA.

Below is a sample code to upload Sales records from XLS file, which is downloaded from a different system, e.g., POS, etc..  In my previous blog, I already explain the XLS file transfer between two system but it needs more

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Innosoft’s Slaughterhouse/Production System

The Slaughterhouse/Production system of MMPC is Innosoft’s first fully integrated industrial information system, a system that includes machine and user entry.   The system covers processes from receiving of livestock to packaging fabricated meat products.  The process involves changing of

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How does it all started and where are we headed?

Back in 1994 when we were writing database application on DOS operating system using Clipper language, users clamor for a better user interface, a windows interface, where they could use the mouse instead of a keyboard to execute a task,

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How to update the Main Office MySQL database using DropBox?

Most of my MS Access + MySQL clients have multiple branches.  One of their requirement is to consolidate the transaction/database of their branches to the main office.  My previous solution was to use FTP+MySQLDump, but now we have a better

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Metro style UI for Microsoft Access Application.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Microsoft Access.  But today we shall discuss about it and its future UI designs.  As you can see below, Microsoft Access adapts Windows 8 Metro style. I will be using this style

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